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Thinking about implementing a dedicated fleet? Tax-Air will assign a group of tractors, trailers, drivers, and other resources to fufill your company’s operational needs. Relying on Tax-Air's transportation management expertise will improve on-time delivery performance, guarantee capacity, and reduce freight tranportation costs.
Where We Go

Servicing over 2,500 Cities throught WI, IL, MN, & MI

What We Do
  • Right-Size your Fleet to Optimize Load Capacity
  • Reliable, Dedicated Drivers
  • In-Depth Reports, Operational Data and Information
  • Decrease Empty Miles by Increasing Backhaul Opportunities
  • Tractors, Trailers, & Straight Trucks
  • Provide On-Site Management and Profressional Uniformed Drivers
Why It Matters
  • 40 Years of Service Excellence
  • Assure safe, Legal, Worry-Free Operations
  • Improve Order-to-Delivery Time
  • Reduce Loss and Damage
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