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Tax-Air was founded in 1977 with one customer and the desire to become the best air freight trucking company in the Midwest.

We realized early on that we were doing things right, as we steadily grew and quickly became known for our extraordinary attention to detail. By the time we celebrated our 10th anniversary, we became Wisconsin’s largest air freight trucking company. Over the years we have retained and added many of the best people in the industry, people who take pride in their work and who came to Tax-Air because they shared our passion and our goals.

With the advent of deregulation, we were determined to offer the same time discipline service to LTL (less-than-truckload) customers.

Today we continue providing our customers with positive and memorable experiences by having the best people, systems and processes. Thanks to our Tax-Air team, we continue to receive compliments from our customers for being the finest trucking company in this market and an industry leader. Adding new facilities, up-to-date equipment and state-of-the-art technology are all part of our constant passion, “The Customer, The Customer, The Customer”.

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